The time leading up to the winter vacation is hectic, with exams and other assignments. So when the vacation approaches, it is time for you and your children to make the best of the holiday and enjoy to the fullest.
However, it gets a little hard to do when your kids are full of energy and running about the house while you have work to do.

Simply keeping your kids occupied is not always productive for them. Instead, you can use these simple ideas to make sure your little one is having fun, and you can join in occasionally to take part in the fun as well!

1. Construct an indoor obstacle course:

indoor obstacle course

Let your kids burn their energy in a fun (and safe) obstacle course at home!

Now you can make your own obstacle course in your home! Choose a (relatively) open space and use sofa cushions, soft toys, and other soft materials for your child’s course! That way, your kid can have the most fun while staying perfectly safe. And once you’re done constructing the course you can go about your work, or even better, join the course with your child and make it a competition! This obstacle course is limited only by your imagination, so get creative and get started!

2. Make glass paintings:

Glass paints are a delight to play with. And once you’re done you can even put them up against your windows! Get your child a set of glass paints and a piece of transparent sheet for the canvas. Your child can use a stencil if they want or freestyle according to their mood! The end result will be a fun afternoon spent by your kid and a colorful glass painting that you can put up anywhere.

3. Make your own playdough:

Although it sounds difficult, making play dough is actually very easy! All you need is flour, water, food coloring, and oil to make the smoothest play dough. Ask your child to make it or make it and give it to your child- both are equally fun experiences for them. Mix the flour with the water until you get a dough. Use the oil to make the dough smooth. Put a few drops of food coloring to give it the color. And it’s done! Your kids can play with it for days, and when it starts getting a little tough or hard, you can simply add a little more oil and knead it until it becomes soft again!

4. Hold a story writing competition:

writing competition

Help your kids focus their imagination!

Children have vivid imaginations. Channel those imaginations in the right medium and create fun ways to get them writing. Use an uncommon word and ask them to use it in a story at least 15 times, or give them the first couple of sentences of the story and ask them to finish it. If you have the time, you can sit with them and finish the story by adding one sentence to it at a time. This makes for a fun activity that challenges their minds without becoming boring.

5. Teach your child how to play chess:

This game has been a classic when it comes to making your children think more. A strategy game such as chess teaches your child a lot of things like planning ahead of time and accepting the consequences of actions. Moreover, if your child develops a true interest in it, they will find a new passion to pursue even during school days! You can also have fun and grow your knowledge with your child while teaching them chess, since you have to explain to them all the possible movesets in the game at any point of time.

Utilize the winter holidays in such a way that your child and you have the most fun while doing and learning new things! These tips will make yours and your child’s day for sure!