A classroom doesn’t just have kids. It has a lot of energy, noise, enthusiasm, and curiosity. And, it’s the educator’s responsibility to make use of all this to create a conducive learning environment.

 After all, learning is not just in the books – it’s in the surroundings as well, and it includes activities, games, and projects that stimulate all our 8 forms of intelligence. These games and activities also help make learning interesting, motivating children to look forward to school every day and sharpening their skills.

 In this article, we shall speak about 11 fun classroom games and activities for kids that we integrate into our lesson plans.


Bingo is a very interesting game that the entire class can participate in. All you need is paper, pencils, and a few rules. You can zero in on words that you’d like to describe so that children guess them and fill their 6×6 grid. The 1st person to fill the entire grid/first-row wins.

 This game can help not just with vocabulary but also with math and history, depending on the approach you take.


This classroom game for kids can help them think out of the box. Here, you give the answer, and the students work together to tell you the right question. It is best suited to geography or history and can be played just before exams to review the lessons.


A classroom version of dumb charades would include acting out words from lessons. It is a great way to get the whole class involved with some competitive spirit.


You can either play Jenga the classic way, helping children nurture their focusing skills, or write questions specific to lessons and make it an educational game. Every time a child pulls out a block, they read the question and answer it before placing it on top. If they answer it wrongly, they should pull another block. 


You can’t go wrong with Pictionary at any age, in any classroom! It’s fun for everyone. It’s similar to Charades, but children draw to describe the word they choose instead of enacting it. If you have a classroom of shy students, this is the perfect game to engage them.


This one’s quite simple. Depending on the number of students, you can divide them into pairs or teams. Now, a kid from each team will pick up a card and say related words to help their team guess the right keyword. Educational Taboo sets are readily available in the market, making it even easier.


You are free to create any kind of puzzle – numbers, words, calculations, meanings, historical figures, etc. These are an instant hit with younger kids in particular.


This is an age-old activity that you can customize to any subject, lesson, and class. Just divide the class into teams and ask questions in a sequence. You can make it interesting with bonus rounds, timers, and buzzers.


Rhyming is one of our favorite class activities because it brings the class together to work on an interesting poem or rhyme. Choose a lesson or unit they should work on to come up with a poem to memorize or learn. You can also give a specific part to each team and stitch the parts together.

Draw and pass

This game is like Passing the Parcel, but it involves drawing! Each kid gets 1 minute to draw something, and then the sheets of paper are passed onto the next kid to continue the drawing for another minute. The end result can be funny or wonderful, but it will surely be an amazing activity.  


Hangman is a popular guessing game that children love. It’s a quick activity that you can incorporate in your teaching to help kids memorize concepts.


Activities enable children to grasp lessons faster because they are engaging. At Sanskriti The School, our lesson plans include multiple classroom games for kids. They are designed to make learning more focused, rewarding, and motivating. To know more about our approach to studies, please feel free to get in touch with us.