There are several factors that we need to weigh in before choosing the best school for our children. Every single factor like academic facilities, infrastructure, safety, etc. matters. Among these, one of the factors we need to always keep in mind is the location of the school. For instance, there are some of the Best CBSE Schools in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad that offer safe and quality learning experiences. The area in itself is known for its educational opportunities. In this blog, check out 5 reasons why Dilsukhnagar schools are the best choice for your child.

How important is a location in choosing the best school

There are some prime locations which are home to great schools in Hyderabad like CBSE schools in LB Nagar or Dilsukhnagar. A location is important while selecting a school because the place should not be far away from our home. That said, it should also be in a safe place where commute is easier. Besides, when you find an area with thriving schools, the whole environment will positively impact the schools, faculties, and students. Dilsukhnagar is one such area that ticks all the right boxes for a prime location with the best schools.

Dilsukhnagar – A Prime Location

Dilsukhnagar is one of the best areas in the city of Hyderabad. Not just for education, the place is popular in real estate spaces too. But why is it so popular? The hotspot location for many purposes, it has proper metro connectivity and public transport facilities, making commute easier. Besides, it is an area with great schools offering best-in-class education and proper infrastructure. It also has healthcare facilities and so is one of the safest and preferred locations for residential and education purposes.

Other Reasons Why Dilsukhnagar Schools Are the Best


Dilsukhnagar is an area that has proper road connections. It is easy to commute to the place, be it by metro, cab or public transport. All such facilities are accessible and within easy reach in this area. Although there are traffic-related issues, commuting to Dilsukhnagar is fairly easy.

Best in Academics

Dilsukhnagar is a place specifically known for quality schools. The schools in these areas offer the best learning experience with ample facilities and good exposure. With experienced teachers and the right smart resources, Dilsukhnagar has schools that are known for their educational experience and quality.

Good Infrastructure

Dilsukhnagar is a well-developed area that is also increasingly becoming popular in the real estate space. It has proper road connectivity, water supply, and well-developed infrastructure. The area has a high quality of living. Thereby, the schools here also implement several infrastructure projects and offer facilities like spacious classrooms, smart technology implementation, gaming and art rooms, etc.

Safe and Secure

While Dilsukhnagar is in itself a safe space. Situated in a prime location in the city, where there are both residential settlements and constant commute, the place is safe and secure for students. With quality security measures taken in schools here like CCTV surveillance, fireproofing, and roping in guards, Dilsukhnagar schools are the best choice for your child.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a school isn’t an easy task. Among the many schools in Hyderabad, schools in Dilsukhnagar offer several unique facilities and are connected to different areas, making the commute easier. There is admission open in Dilsukhnagar schools for various grades. You can check out Sanskriti The School for your child’s admission which focuses on sports, extra activities, and classroom education to contribute equally to building a strong learning foundation for children.