If there is one statement I strongly disagree with, it is – “School years are the best years of life!” Well, if one replaces the word ‘school’ with ‘childhood’, probably yes! But school brings back memories of examinations, something possibly none of us truly enjoyed!

During childhood, one is under the pressure of performing well in exams; years later as parents, the stress hasn’t really decreased. Now your child may be writing the exams but you’re probably the one hyperventilating!

Most parents find it difficult to deal with child nervousness issues, lack of confidence, and overwhelming exasperation just prior to the commencement of the exams. To add to the problems, adults end up passing their anxieties to their children as well.

How about transforming your nagging monster image to one of being a resilient support system! Here are 7 ways in which you can help your child this exam season to stay calm and focus on his/her positives.

  1. Send Positive Vibes
    positive vibes
    Studying in a positive and happy environment motivates your child to perform better

    Let the home environment be calm and peaceful. Ensure the conversations are positive. Instead of nagging children to study hard and attain high grades, inculcate the virtue of focussing on the bigger picture. Share the idea of absorbing knowledge that shall eventually help them achieve a niche in life.

    Above all, remember that any examination is also about luck. So if you see your precious one burning the midnight lamp yet not reaching there, remain gentle and supportive!

  2. Offer Assistance in Revision

    It is natural to be nervous before the exam season. Help your children devise a plan to revise methodically.

    • Work out a timetable for each subject.
    • Keep the study sessions to approximately 60 minutes at a stretch.
    • Condense long notes into postcards, handy for quick revision.
    • Use highlighters to distinguish important points.
    • Maintain time records for completion of sample papers.

  4. Keep Nutritious Snacks Handy
    Healthy food can help improve concentration

    Healthy food can help improve your child’s concentration and memory power

    Studying means loads of hard work and exhaustion. Nutritious food can relieve fatigue and bring in some freshness. Foods rich in omega 3 increase concentration and augment cognitive ability. Fish, walnuts and flax seeds fall in this category.

    Fruits and dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants that strengthen the functioning of the brain. Bananas serve as a healthy snack as the fruit contains Dopamine. Studies highlight that this brain chemical enhances concentration and keeps one motivated.


  6. Keep the Work Station Clean

    Children are generally juggling with their time, running between coaching classes and self-study. This leaves little time and energy for tidying up their rooms and study tables. Research showcases that cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind. An untidy desk restricts one’s ability to concentrate.

    Ensure your child’s study space is clean and well organised. Offer help to keep resource material well arranged and accessible for revision.
    clean workstation creates a peaceful environment

    A clean workstation creates a peaceful environment that can help your child study

  7. Avoid Bribing

    Many parents lure kids into attaining high grades by showing the carrot of gifts in kind and cash. Such acts set a wrong precedence. It is important to instill the value of working hard for one’s own good rather than pleasing parents or getting goodies.

    Teach children that exams do not mark finality. Instead, it just paves the way to reach the next level in life. Good grades are a reward in itself. The pride experienced is beyond any materialistic gain. Of course, celebrating with a small treat or cinema is always welcoming!

  8. Accept Your Child’s Potential

    Every child is unique and special. As parents, one is well aware of a child’s limitations. However, seldom do we have the courage to accept them gracefully. Never forget the golden rule of positive parenting – make no comparisons, not even amongst siblings!

    A child can only perform to the optimum level of his/her potential. It is not necessary that a child who tops in the exams wins in the race of life as well! Let your child’s self-worth not be dependent on examination results.

  9. Incorporate Outdoor Breaks
    short breaks to freshen up mind

    Children need to take short breaks that can freshen up their mind

    Taking short breaks is mandatory for keeping the mind agile. Green spaces work wonders in relieving stress and anxiety. Break the revision routine, encourage children to go to the park and get some fresh air.

    Incorporating physical activities such as swimming, running, and karate can also help kick off some steam!

Motivate kids to give their best and leave the rest to destiny. Steer clear of unreasonable expectations. Poor grades in exams do not symbolize failure in life! You honestly can’t do much when it comes to relieving your child’s stress. However, exploring these ideas may curb the slamming of doors and the rolling of tears to a bare minimum!