Being a class monitor is one of the proudest and the toughest tasks in student life. The responsibilities are endless. You are answerable for your own actions and the actions of others. It isn’t easy to check others unless you are always on the right yourself.

Minding a boisterous set of classmates, helping the class teacher collect or carry notebooks, and assisting the substitution teacher in your teacher’s absence are some errands that come along with the much coveted title.

While most of us secretly desire to be selected as a class monitor at least once during the academic session, but on the surface we often ridicule the authority of the person in charge. It may be time to look at your class monitor in favorable light. The individual has been selected for a specific reason. He or she definitely has proved their credibility and obtained the title.

Let’s unfold certain qualities of a class monitor that you can surely imbibe and step up your personality.

1. Personal Grooming

8 Things You Can Learn From Your Class Monitor

Learn to look your neatest at school from your class monitor!

The class monitor is always neatly turned out. He/ she sports a clean uniform, polished shoes, badge in place, hair well set, and trimmed nails.

Being well groomed is essential in life. No one likes to associate with shabby people. Adopting such habits of personal hygiene will help you cast a fine impression on beholders.

2. Sitting on the First Bench

A monitor always prefers to sit on the first bench. There is a specific reason why all academically conscious students avoid back seats.

The teacher is more audible in front and thereby the understanding of concepts is better. There is ample distraction and chatting towards the back of the class.

Sit in the front seat from tomorrow itself. You will see the difference in a day!

3. Knowing it all

8 Things You Can Learn From Your Class Monitor

Learn to study better from your class monitor!

The monitor is usually someone with high grades. He/she seems to have an answer for every question put forth by the teacher.

You also need to widen your intellectual horizons and increase your general awareness. Attaining good grades in the examination is important but knowing about the world around is equally crucial.

4. Compassion and Judgment

A monitor displays compassion and understanding towards everyone in all matters. He/she makes no one feel unheard. The monitor endeavors to display impartiality and give correct judgment on disputes and quarrels.

Adopting such personality traits of compassion and imbibing the quality of being unprejudiced in all matters can help you pave way for successful person and professional relationships.

5. Being a leader

It is not easy to be a leader. It’s quite an arduous task as it demands a lot from you. You have to maintain discipline yet keep the whole class unified.

Leadership qualities can be of great value for a student in the latter years of life. Observe and imbibe this trait so that when you grow you are equipped to lead.

6. Management Skills

Flawless management skills are a must for this designation. If you can’t manage the class well, you are not appropriate to wear the badge. The monitor shows capability of controlling the entire class.

This is a life skill everyone needs to imbibe and implement as management is vital at all levels. Failure in managing personal and professional matters translates to an unsuccessful future.

7. Co-Curricular Activities

8 Things You Can Learn From Your Class Monitor

Learn to excel in all aspects, including co-curricular!

All work and no play make you dull. We all know this phrase well but often forget to work on it. The class monitor usually excels in academics and extracurricular activities. You need to foster such qualities as well.

Impart every aspect of life- be it text books, music, art, or sports; its due importance!

8. Being a Teacher’s Pet

8 Things You Can Learn From Your Class Monitor

Class monitors are beloved by teachers thanks to their discipline!

Most children hate the class monitor. The person holding this title is often accused of sycophancy and rebuked for being a teacher’s pet. It may be time to alter this outlook.

A facilitator always appreciates a student who excels in academics, is well-behaved and well-disciplined, and is always willing to help and shoulder responsibility. The class monitor sets an example for others to follow.

Observing and absorbing these qualities can help you carve a niche for yourself in every sphere of life. Follow the example so that you may evolve as one yourself in the coming years.


The word ‘Class Monitor’ comes with a certain authority and good will. Endeavor to understand the underlying unique qualities of your class monitor and make them a part of your own personality. Who knows you may be selected next?