Are you a student who is finding it difficult to manage time between sports practice and studies? Do you often find yourself contemplating to sacrifice one over the other? If you have answered yes to any of the above two, then you don’t have to do all that anymore, for we have found out the right ways to juggle both studies and sports without compromising one over the other and still expect great results. They are as follows:

1.Organise your tasks

It can be pretty overwhelming to see your day filled with different tasks like revision, homework, sports practice, household chores etc. For that, it would be advisable to have a big calendar detailing all the tasks to be done for a particular day. So, organise your tasks and stick to the schedule.

2.Manage time and prioritize

Allot a specific amount of time for each task and stick to that schedule. Calculate the time it takes to travel to school, the time it takes to finish playing and also the time to finish revision of a subject. Another thing to do would be to arrange tasks in decreasing order of priority; which means that it is better to finish the important tasks first and then move on to the ones that would be less crucial.

3.Plan over the weekend

As the old adage goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Thus, you must plan your entire week with all the time allotment and task scheduling over the weekend and in this way you will be free from planning over the weekdays and focus more on the tasks.

4.Make full use of weekend

The weekend is ripe for completing a lot of tasks and preparing for the following week. Finish your homeworks, read new chapters and make notes in advance and prepare for any upcoming exams.
If there aren’t many homeworks or exams ahead, you could use the week a bit differently, like revising and making notes over the weekdays and could keep sports practice over the weekend.

5.Make good use of commute time

The time you take to travel to and from your school is something not many people take advantage of. Take advantage of that time to sit and revise notes and prepare for any upcoming exams and use the time at home to finish homeworks and study practice.

6.Stay in the game by being up-to-date

Always remain informed about any upcoming homeworks, projects, exams, and sports practice, ask your peers and teachers if you have missed out on anything and stay up-to-date. In that way you will be aware of everything and can plan accordingly.

7.Clear tasks immediately

Imagine having finished your homework and have nothing else left to do and the feeling of joy of having finished it. If achieving that is in your mind, the best advice would be to not procrastinate and finish your tasks as when they arise in order for them to not become a burden at a later point of time when you are in the midst of another task.

8.Use the time at school productively

Make good use of free periods and the library while in school. Use that time wisely by finishing any pending homeworks so that you can utilize your time at home productively.
Now that you will have finished homework at school, and revision during travel as mentioned before, you will have plenty of time at home to focus at sports and you can end the day on a good note and with the satisfaction of having completed all the tasks for the day.

So, to all the children out there trying to juggle both sports and academics, you now have a good idea of how to best manage your time, for these are time-tested methods that have never failed so far.