We all are aware of the saying which states, “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. But do we really take it seriously?

A proper balanced and healthy diet is very important in order to keep an individual healthy.

It may not only help you boost the functioning of your body, but also prevent serious conditions of your body organs.

A truly balanced diet is created when it includes all the necessary elements and has variety too. It should have a variety of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Moreover, stress should be given on limiting intake of unhealthy food items as these are the source of different diseases.

Improper Diet Habits can lead to many diseases. Most common amongst them are the eye diseases.

We see that eye diseases are increasing in number right from the childhood age. Children stare continuously at the board and with increased usage of digital devices, leading to stress on eyes.

Now, this stress can only be fulfilled by a properly balanced diet food.

We have prepared a list of best foods for eye health, which will help you avoid any eye related problems. Poor Harry Potter that he didn’t read what to eat for healthy eyes.

Anyways, you still have time to improve your eyesight, so have a look.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables like spinach and kale are good for eyesight. They are the source of Lutein & Zeaxanthin which is vital in improving the eyesight. Although children might not find them tasty, variation can be tried in order to make them like these foods for eye health.

Spinach and kale are very helpful in improving your vision and also promoting the health of your retina. It also prevents aging eye-related diseases like cataract and macular degeneration.

Citrus Fruits

Fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes are rich in vitamin C which improves eye vision.

Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin to improve eyesight. It promotes the healthy blood vessels in your eyes. Moreover, it helps you to fight against diseases like cataract and also macular degeneration.

Apart from oranges, apricot and kiwi are two useful fruits for improving your vision. On the one hand, apricot lowers the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration while on the other kiwi helps in treating and preventing the same.

You can simply enjoy fruits by including them in salads, or enjoy them as a snack or make juice out of them.


Eggs are considered one of the best foods for eye health. The egg yolk contains lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and vitamin A which are all essential for your body and vision.

Lutein and zeaxanthin prevent age-related eye diseases while on the other hand zinc improves the health of the cornea. Lack of Zinc can lower your vision at night.

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin which safeguards the cornea of your eye.

Eggs can be included in any meal, i.e., breakfast, lunch or dinner. One way to enjoy eggs is to make sandwiches out of them or hard boiling them.


Fish is very good food for eyesight improvement are and is well known for its large number of benefits. Fishes (especially salmon) contain Omega-3 Fatty acids which promote your eye vision. They prevent dry eyes and also help in restoring eye health. It also reduces the chance of macular degeneration in old age.

While buying fish, one should go for a wild one instead of a farm raised one. This is because Farm raised fishes contains comparatively more saturated fat than wild ones. Dinners can be delicious with well-seasoned grilled fishes.


Legumes like greens beans, kidney beans, green peas, lentils, and black-eyed peas are the rich source of zinc. Zinc helps in protecting the retina and thus improving and maintaining your eyesight.

Other foods that are high in zinc are cereals, poultry, and lean red meat.


Just like fishes, nuts are also good food for eyesight improvement. Walnuts, cashew nuts, and almonds are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and vitamins. These help in improving your eye health and thus cleaning your vision.

Omega-3 fatty acids prevent eye diseases too. These nuts are very beneficial when taken after breakfast or after dinner. You can also prepare dishes using the same.


Berries such as blueberries are very important for eye health. They play a critical role in the prevention and protection of eyes from various diseases. They contain eye-healthy carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin.

The vitamins in berries help in improving night vision and maintaining the eye health.

Apart from the foods mentioned above, you should try to include dairy products and carrots in your daily life in order to improve eye vision. Dairy products like milk and yogurt are rich in zinc which improves your eye health and prevents eye diseases.

Sanskriti Schools are highly committed and dedicated to inculcating good habits in your life right from the start. Having proper nutritious food is one of them. Add this good food for eyes in your diet, and maybe one day you’ll become the next Kalam, Sunil Chettri, Kalpana Chawla or even Lata Mangeshkar. Stay Healthy and Enjoy it.