Do you come back home after a long day at work and sit down, only to see your little one requesting you to come outside and play? Does that put you in doubt to whether give your child company or just sit and relax as you are exhausted? It is recommended that you give the child company. Below are some benefits of why parents must play with children that will urge you to reconsider.

  • Helps in bonding and teaches skills:

When you play with a kid, it helps the kid understand you better and helps form a healthy relationship between you and the child. In the process, the child starts to place faith in you, learns how to interact with other people and how to have a friendly competition with other people because any child would build a relationship by interacting and communicating with others. Not just that, the kid also builds up problem solving skills, leadership, aids in overall cognitive development, learns to see things from your point of view and may also help kids learn other useful tips from the game that they may have not otherwise learnt while playing with their peers.

  • Rediscover yourself:

For kids, playing is an everyday thing and they enjoy it. But after having grown old, adults forget what it was like to play within the rules and how much they used to enjoy the game. When they let go of all the troubles of everyday life and start to play with their child, they enjoy the moment with their children, become more free, and finally reconnect with their younger spirit that begs to be set free. This allows the kid to see a more lighter version of you, and that they can place their trust in you.

  • There is no one else:

Sometimes you may be living in a place where there are no children in the neighbourhood, and you parents are the only ones they can play and get along with. And in that situation, you cannot expect a kid to play with a football all by themselves, or play with a dog, or just take a walk. By playing with them, you are not only making sure the kid has an active childhood but in this way, the kid has found a companion for life. Can there be anything better or more important than seeing the happiness on your children’s face when they have someone to play with?

  • A stress buster:

When you set aside the tensions of everyday life to go play with your child at a park or at a playground, you’ll find yourself to be more relaxed, composed and constantly smiling and laughing. Playing a sport involving physical activity is a great stress buster, and playing with children makes it even better. By playing catch, or cricket, taking a walk in the park, or just exploring nature you are able to better manage stress while at the same time bonding with your child.

  • Develops motor skills:

By playing with them, you are helping to develop their movement skills, making them more agile and nimble and helping them make their reflexes strong in the process. This helps them carry out day-to-day activities with more efficiency and they become physically strong, learning an important life skill in the process.

  • Health and studies in check:

By helping them undergo physical activity, they not only become active and stay jubilant and energetic all the time but also remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. As a result, the child is happy, constantly smiling and more optimistic about the tasks and challenges that it has to face. Needless to say, constant physical activity and happiness is directly linked to their performance in studies and such children are known to score high grades in their academics. In this way, by playing with them, you set them up for lifelong success in academics and good health.

And those are the main benefits that you can derive while playing with them. So why don’t you go ahead and play with them, for they are children after all, and who knows, it can change your life for the better.