Summers are an exciting time of the year for students as they get to be home all day and is like a getaway from the routine of school especially when the temperature reaches its peak.

Children can get easily bored if they are not accorded with activities that will keep them entertained and help you not lose your sanity.

Boredom will lead to tantrums that will be hard to tame.

Indulging your child in activities is fun and enjoyable, but they can also lose about a month’s worth of learning.

To help your child remember their learnings and avoid them from telling ‘I’m bored’, we have listed down three ideas that will help your child exercise their brains, have fun and sneak in some learning also.

1. Play Games That Strengthen Their Memory

Crossword puzzles are a go-to cognitive exercise, and they necessarily do not have to be all about numbers and flashcards.

You can inject some fun too.

Bring in some worksheets that challenge young learners with vocabulary and spelling in an appealing format of word-game.

You can also motivate your child to play Sudoku which has been a staple of newspapers for as long as we remember. This game relies on memory building and also keeps your child’s mind healthy & fresh.

2. Sign-Up For Summer Programs

Summer camps play a significant role because it has a structured opportunity for a child to grow and flourish physically.

Children can also sign up for after-school activities which contribute to their overall development.

In that way, summer camp program is an excellent venue for growth that allows each child to become self-confident, independent, helps them think critically, lets them build friend’s circle and also gives them a chance to learn new skills each day.

3. Bring Out The Chef In Your Child

Indulge your child in some hands-on activity like ask them to lend a hand while you’re at the kitchen preparing meals.

We are well aware that cooking and baking can be too much fun and exciting because they might be intrigued to find out as to how baked goods & meals come together.

This will help them learn cooking basics and use their math skills as they combine ingredients for recipes.

You can also communicate with them about the choice of ingredients you’ve used and how it helps in providing nutrition to the body.

This can lay the groundwork for nutritious and healthy eating later on.

Keeping children occupied especially when schools are not functioning can have a positive influence on them.

At Sanskriti-The School, we consider extracurricular activities a part of our curriculum, thus constantly motivating our children to give equal importance to it apart from academics.

We believe it has a crucial role to play and also shapes them to their best version.