Most children view summer vacation as a time to kick back, sleep, and watch endless hours of television. However, within a week’s time, this whole concept of doing nothing becomes rather boring!

Are summer camps a good option? With the most awaited summer vacation around the corner, you may be wondering if your child is ready for summer camp or is sending your child to one a worthy exercise.

Summer camps have profound positive effects that enhance personality development in children. Here is some information that may prove helpful towards selecting the best summer camp experience for your child. We unfold some important reasons to enrol your child in a camp.

1. Prevents the Summer Slide

Research highlights that when children don’t participate in worthwhile activities, their learning trajectories often slide during the summer vacation. This phenomenon is termed as ‘summer learning loss’.

The only option to safeguard your child from this summer slide or intellectual deterioration is engaging in summer camp. The plethora of activities offered like music, sports, science keep kids active and promotes learning abilities.

2. Camp Means Action

Importance of Summer Camps

Kids spend so much time these days cooped up inside the house, mostly glued to electronic gadgets. A summer camp provides a platform for immense physical activity. Playing, running, jumping, swimming, hiking, climbing – it’s all about moving!

3. Promotes Confidence

Importance of Summer Camps

The school competitive atmosphere can be intimidating for most children. Summer camps offer an opportunity to participate in non-competitive activities and experience a diverse kind of accomplishment.

It boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem, and inculcates the feeling of, “I CAN”.

4. Helps Conquer Fears

Importance of Summer Camps

Summer camps translate to exploring new things. Children are motivated to move away from their comfort zones and try something different, even activities that may seem a bit frightening. But in the company of peers and with the correct motivation skills, they gain resilience and learn to conquer their inhibitions.

5. Camp is Real

Importance of Summer Camps

Summer camps are all about discovering your creative powers. This techno-savvy generation certainly needs a break and requires unplugging from technology.

Summer camps furnish opportunities to engage in the real world. All activities are centred around real people, real situations, and real emotions! It’s time this generation realises that there’s a lot beyond gadgets as well!

6.  Instills Independence

Importance of Summer Camps

Admit it! Most of us are ‘helicopter moms’. Our children lead much-protected lives. Summer camps with overnight stays pave a way to practise decision making without parent consultation.

Suddenly, no one is guiding their movement and believe me children absolutely love it! They welcome this freedom and gradually learn to manage their choices.

7.  Enhances Social and Life Skills

Importance of Summer Camps

Camps draw children together and help build team spirit. Kids not only make new friends but also learn to cooperate and respect the views of others.

They imbibe the value of sincere communication and learn to resolve disagreements as well. Kids sing, laugh, play, and share together – all in conjugation arms them with life skills for future life.

8. Helps Discover Hidden Talents

Importance of Summer Camps

During regular school time, it may be difficult to identify your child’s real aptitude. Summer camps bring together an array of activities ranging from sports to art to communication. These activities acquaint children with new domains, bring out latent talents, and help discover where their true happiness lies.

9. Facilitate Bond with Nature

Importance of Summer Camps

Today’s indoor living has developed a nature deficit disorder in children. Summer camps help widen the horizon and offer a rich outdoor experience. It enhances a child’s perception of the external world and consequently leads to healthy living.

 SummaryImportance of Summer Camps

Well! Forget everything. The bottom line is that summer vacation is the only time when this academically pressurised generation can indulge in unstructured play. Camps offer moments of carefree living. They help children play, relax, laugh, and just be silly!