Parents in the 1990s – “Come back in! You’ve been playing for hours.”

Parents today – “Step outside! You’ve been playing for hours.”

It is alarming how in just a matter of years, the meaning of “playing” has changed. Back then, playing meant stepping outside, running in the sun, getting clothes dirty, and coming back home sweaty. Today, most kids associate playing with sitting on the couch with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and gaming for hours while munching unhealthy snacks on the side.

Video game addiction facts

Multiple studies have revealed that video games are addictive because the screenplay is highly stimulating. These games increase the levels of dopamine in the body, making them feel great pleasure. They crave this feeling and get hooked. 

A study recently revealed that video games have a similar impact on children’s brains as alcohol and drugs. Newport Academy, in another study, revealed that gaming addiction is growing quite fast in teenagers and boys are more likely to be addicted than girls.

Signs of video game addiction in children

As parents, we understand how concerned you may be about all the time your children spend on mobile devices. However, we advise you not to panic. A little game time is always a good distraction. But, if you are concerned, you should look for the following signs of addiction:

  •   A sudden drop in the grades at school
  •   Refusal to do anything else – no other hobbies or interests
  •   Social isolation
  •   Playing continuously for hours
  •   Tantrums and outbursts when asked to stop
  •   Unexplained increase in weight
  •   Irritability and annoyance when not playing

How to prevent gaming addiction

The good news is that it is quite easy to strike a balance between video games and other activities. You only need to take some time out and approach the situation with a positive approach. The strategies below will help you learn how to stop child gaming addiction.

Play a game with them

Children addicted to video games often play the same game over and over. Ask to play with them so that they know that you are not opposed to video games. This will also help you connect with your child as you understand why the game is so enticing.

When children learn that their parents are accepting their preferences, they are more open to listening to them when asked to stop.

Do not ban the games outright

Set a time limit every day instead of banning video games. A hard ban will have a negative impact and can lead to tantrums, lies, irritation, etc. Agree on a timeline instead and make sure you stick to it. You can also set basic rules such as completing homework before playing or eating their vegetables.

Introduce other hobbies

If your 5-year-old is addicted to video games, it could be due to boredom. Boredom is a major reason behind children picking up mobile devices and playing video games. Painting, singing, dancing, reading, gardening, and sports are excellent alternatives that will keep them engaged and fulfilled. Most of these activities also include physical exercise, which will tire them out and help them sleep better.

Speak to them clearly about the side-effects

Children, especially pre-teens and teens, are much smarter than we usually give them credit. Being upfront with them helps a lot as opposed to the quintessential, “Because I told you to stop.” Speak to them about the importance of other activities and moderate usage of technology and they are likely to understand.


Some video game addiction facts can be scary, pushing you to act impulsively and rashly. Preventing gaming addiction can be easy, though, if you are proactive and make wise decisions when you see red flags. At Sanskriti The School, we employ conscious efforts to encourage children to take up extra-curricular activities. To know more, please get in touch with us.