As a human, your child already has the innate potential to be a creative genius! Humans have shown their creativity throughout time, from building the first successful aircraft (Wright Brothers) to making space travel possible. As children, it is even easier to enhance your creative ability. The first stage of creativity for a child begins with exploring objects at a young age.This is followed by them inventing new ways to use the tools around them. Finally, they learn how to invent new tools by themselves.

All kids are creative in nature, however, their creative ability varies from one child to another. So can there be any method to enhance the creativity of your child? According to science, there are several ways. We bring you three most effective ways to make your child a creative genius.

    • Be creative yourself:

                                         Unleash your creativity along with your child!

When you’re around your child, think and act creatively. Highly creative parents will have highly creative children, simply because children learn most of their fundamental mannerisms and thinking patterns from their parents and surroundings. This relationship hold true even when kids enter their adolescence. Some people say that creativity is in the genes of a person, and while this is true, genetics accounts for only a small percentage of creativity in a person. Watching someone being creative every day gives more of an impact to children’s minds, since they try and imitate the behaviour they see, ultimately learning creativity!

Making the effort to think and act creatively is not that difficult as a parent! One simple example of creativity is coming up with different ways to use a common object. Around your child, a towel can be made into a cape, a cap, a blanket, a rug, and so much more! When kids see you using a simple towel in so many ways, it will make them want to stretch their mind and find more possibilities in their everyday lives.

    • Just add magic:

                                            Magical movies bring the magic into your children’s minds!

Sit with your child and watch films that have magic in them. Films such as Harry Potter, Hugo, Presto, and any other kids movie containing magical content are a great source of creativity for kids. So break out a bowl of popcorn and your magic wands, and sit for a movie marathon with your little one!

Some people also theorize that books cause a similar rise in creativity. Reading books to your child increases their curiosity for new worlds and unseen experiences. After a while, your child will start reading his own books! Reading books also improves concentration while increasing creativity. It’s a win-win activity for your child to do!

    • Adapt to the touchscreen generation:

                 Sit with your child and watch them experience the wonders of digital learning!

Many parents become strict when it comes to TV time or screen time for their kids. This happens because parents believe that screen time distracts kids and reduces their creativity. However, in this digital age, it is better to let your child use electronic screens so that they can gain exposure to increase their creativity and express themselves.

Apps that allow children to write, draw, paint, and watch are beneficial to them since such apps stimulate the mind of children. When children are given access to screens (with proper precautions taken beforehand), their creativity and expression gets an inspiration from the global exposure that they get. The apps mentioned need not even be online apps. Even offline apps work just as well.

So make some time and sit with your child as they attempt to make a portrait or solve the next puzzle. Who knows, these apps might stimulate your mind too!

While there is a lot of research going on about how to encourage creativity in children, the three methods listed above are tried and tested, and give the best results. So once you’ve finished following these above tips, don’t forget to let us know how your experience went. Comment on this post and tell us!