The disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic has led to the closing of all schools and institutions across the nation. Other than the common health concerns, parents and teachers are also worried about the seemingly endless break that they get from their children learning skills they need to be successful in the future. 

We at Sanskriti the School have adjusted and shifted to a virtual learning system that moved the previously common mode of instruction or offline classes to online ones during these worrying and tiring times. Because we wanted education to be a priority.  

Many students dropped out to avoid fee payment or any other reasons last year and maybe this year. We did not want children avoiding the learning process during this pandemic. At its commencement, the transition was a bit rough on us all, and it took time for some to readjust to the fresh way of studying and instructing.

But, over time, we saw pupils get accustomed to this new way surprisingly quickly! The pace of their adaptation and approval of new methods once again proved our opinion that this generation will acclimatize themselves to technology more promptly than any other generation.

According to the UNESCO or the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, this public health emergency has disrupted the lives of all the children learning and the training of at least 290.5 million students globally. It has led to a wave of inquiries such as, “What should I do to make virtual learning fun and engaging for my child” or “How do I keep my child occupied in some way or the other, through the day?”

The secret is, ‘don’t let the learning stop! While your child is staying away from school, emphasize a state of normalcy and support their learning at home. It is challenging but imperative that the child continues his learning and remains focused. Digital learning will help your child make the most of their time at home through really appealing academic and co-curricular activities here at Sanskriti The School.

Our secretary & correspondent Vikranth Terala holds that at Sanskriti The School, it is a constant pleasure to speak to and help shape young minds. He says, “Children are our tomorrow – our future. Bright faces that I see here today receiving prizes and evidencing their talents will be the citizens of tomorrow.”

So, how exactly can you ensure through digital learning that your child continues to be productive as well as active? With the children spending all their time under the same roof, it is crucial to be making a sharp distinction between different tasks during the day to equip them with an environment that invokes their productivity and sustains their interest. 

In no time, virtual learning has grown to be the new standard. Teachers and students of Sanskriti The School are now well-known to online classes as they were with the usual ones. We consider that anybody can learn anything at any time if they long for it.

We will make them proactive and confident people for all the children learning to take charge of their education. So, whether you are a parent, a student, or a teacher, ‘Do not stop learning’ Sanskriti The School wishes that you all stay inquisitive and stay safe because learning never stops!