Not everyone can be an animal lover! But if you have compassion for these adorable living creatures and are contemplating the inclusion of a pet into your family; this article may help you reach a decision!
Fido and whiskers can definitely transform your child’s life! Keeping pets can be hugely beneficial for your child’s mind and body. In fact, many families acquire pets only for the sake of their kids.
When asked for reasons, most parents may just state, ‘Pets are good for children!’ We bring to you substantial evidence highlighting how these furrier family members can benefit your child emotionally, intellectually and socially.

Here are some reasons how having a pet can change your child’s life for the better.

1. Pets Teach Empathy and Compassion

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Growing up with a pet certainly helps imbibe virtues of empathy and compassion amongst kids. They learn how to read and respond to the needs of the pet.
Is it hungry? Is it thirsty? Does it need to go outside? Does it need a doctor’s visit?
Such pointers help children look after the needs of others rather than only being involved in personal requisites. It renders a feeling of responsibility and maturity of caring for the needs of another being.

2. Pets Help Develop Self Esteem

Pets can act as an excellent catalyst for socializing!
Interaction with a pet is highly crucial towards developing confidence and overcoming shyness issues. Introverts are able to talk to and confide in pets as these loving beings are non-judgmental. Animals shower unconditional love. They offer silent support and never judge!
Children do not fear rejection, rebuke or corrections from animals. This process gradually helps children acquire confidence, boosts their esteem and facilitates friendship with their peers.

3. Pets Facilitate Verbal Skills

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Research highlights owning a pet can improvise verbal skills amongst children especially the ability of reading aloud.
From the perception of a child- a pet seems to be listening more attentively, does not interrupt nor does not feel the need to point mistakes or correct the child.
Such a thorough process motivates children to read or practice poetry and debates without any inhibition, in the presence of a pet. Of course, it goes without saying that in the long run such activities improvise verbal and articulation skills enormously.

4. Pets Lower Risk of Allergies

Recent pediatric studies showcase that children growing up in homes with pets such as cats and dogs are less likely to fall sick in comparison to those living in pet free environments.
This viewpoint stems from the hypothesis that maintaining an overtly clean and sanitized environment around growing children weakens their immune system.
Exposure to microbes associated with pets result in strengthening immunity and the power to combat allergies.

5. Pets Increase Overall Activity

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In today’s techno-savvy world, most children are addicted to electronic gadgets. Physical activities have been taken over by iPads and mobile phones! No wonder, there is a sharp increase in the rate of child obesity.
When it comes to personal exercise, we all have abundant excuses. But nothing works when your pet needs to go out for relieving or for its routine walk.
Research shows kids with pet dogs exercise at an average 11 minutes more than those without them. Well! This may not sound so huge but any amount of additional activity can seriously generate positive long term effects.

6. Pets Reduce Stress

Pets are definite stress busters!
Coming home to a loving companion and watching the beautiful innocent activities of your pet can help ease tension and slow down the hectic pace of life.
Our children live in an over-scheduled era. Assignments to submit, scores to match and ranks to reach! There is enormous stress to stay at par with the competition.
These canines and felines at home offer priceless therapy and rejuvenate their fatigued senses.


Most of us remember our first pet. The enthusiasm of being responsible for and nurturing another living creature is unparalleled. The memories remain etched in our minds forever.
Your child could also benefit profoundly from this fuzzy interaction. So bring this special companion home and enrich your child’s life in more than one way!