Project-based learning is a beneficial teaching method with extensive benefits for students, ranging from critical thinking to project management to self-confidence. Studies have shown that project-based learning can significantly improve a student’s understanding, academic results, attendance, and classroom involvement. Project-based learning allows teachers to build stronger and better relationships with their students by being hands-on learning facilitators. In essence, project-based learning is an instructional method where students collaborate with others and “learn by doing.” 

Here are 8 benefits of project-based learning. And how it can prepare our kids with better life skills.

Work together: Collaboration is a huge part of this. Students learn how to work with different people in a group setting. By sharing their input, listening to others, and resolving conflicts when they arise, they build positive relationships with teachers, reinforcing how great learning is. 

Problem Solve: Students learn to solve significant problems, including real-life issues, more effectively. Students even learn from failure, and starting over is seen as a part of the learning curve. 

Creativity: Students use their creative thinking skills to innovate new product designs and possibilities for projects. 

Deeper Understanding: Students build on their research skills and deepen their learning of applied content beyond facts or memorisation.

Critical Thinking: Students look at problems with a deeper understanding and a critical thinking lens by asking questions and coming up with plausible solutions for their questions. 

Perseverance: When students work on a project, they learn to tackle their obstacles more effectively, often learning from failure and making adjustments until they’re satisfied with their work.

Curiosity: Students get to explore their interests. They ask questions and develop a love for learning new things.

Empowerment: Students take ownership over their work. Their projects are reflective of their progress and accomplishments.