Now that classes are reopening after covid for classes 9th and above (as per government orders), heading back to school and into your old routine will take some time to get used to. Do not worry and be anxious; instead, take everything sportively because we are trying to get back to the normal we all had once. Isn’t it?

Here are a few tips you can follow to get used to the “old-new” routine faster! 

  1. Make a trial routine. 

Start waking up during school time for a few days before you have to go for real. This small yet significant step will help you get into the sleep routine earlier and ensure more energy levels on your first day of school. 

  1. Make a to-do list

Create a list of things you might want to do or buy. Strategize your game plan. It will not only help in being organized, but it will also calm your nerves. 

  1. Go shopping well in advance 

Going back to school means new stuff! Clothes, shoes, books, etc. Last-minute panic shopping never helps anybody, and the chances of leaving out something important are always higher. Plan your shopping at least a few days in advance or, better yet, a week to make sure that even if you do miss out on something, you have ample time to buy them before school starts again. 

  1. Talk to your “Bestie(s)” about heading back to school

If you are nervous or excited, pick up your phone and have a word with your best friend(s) about it. You would be surprised to know that many students feel the same way as you. And that will comfort you more than anything else can. Or even if others don’t feel the same way, you can always confide and discuss it with someone who will listen and understand you. 

  1. Ready your “Armor” the night before

The last thing anybody would need is a last-minute panic scamper on the morning of the first day of school! There would be time for that later. The first step to ensure that everything goes smooth is to ensure that the tasks are done beforehand. Get your uniform ironed, books in the bag, and everything else ready, the day before. 

6. Do not skip breakfast!  

The temptation to skip breakfast and get on your way to meet your friends will be high on the first day but do not skip breakfast. You would most likely have a bad first half because of hunger before you know it. And not to mention, you won’t be able to eat anything till lunch break as well! So make sure you go to school on a full stomach. 


Follow these tips, and you would be happily seated on the first day while having the time of your lives! 

Good luck and a happy first day of school!