Summer is right around the corner. You can already feel the increasing heat across on your skin and the warm breeze ruffling your hair. All of this is a telltale of the coming of blazing hot and lazy summer days where, in the afternoon, there is not much to do but to doze off while watching mindless television.

Although for kids, it’s an entirely different story. Late mornings, hearty brunches, eating mangoes and playing with their choice of gadgets holding which they sit for hours, this is how their entire day is spent.
A perfect excuse to not do anything is saying ‘It’s very hot outside. We rather stay in.’ And we agree. It is blazing outside, but does that mean we have to spend our entire summer vacation being couch potatoes?

So, here are 10 creative ways to spend your summer vacation:

1. Academics related

i. Improve your writing skills.

This is for those who are interested in writing. Work on your writing skills and grammar skills. Another valuable skill is learning how to edit. Make it a point to learn new words and phrases which will help you with your writing.
Improving your writing skills isn’t simply a way to pass time. By honing your writing, you are working on an important asset which will be of great help from school all the way to college.

Improve your writing skills.

ii. Learn how to type correctly

Most of us know how to type. But typing, like any other skill, has a correct way to be done. The correct way to type is to be fast and accurate while decreasing work. Typing correctly requires acquired dexterity which is why summer vacation is a prime time to learn.

2. Learn to do something new

i. Cook and Bake

Summer brings with it some fresh seasonal produce. What better way to be productive, than learning how to cook and bake. Cooking is a fabulous way to be creative. It also brings with it a certain degree of independence. So, the next time you want to eat something different, don’t pester your mom, instead get in the kitchen and do it yourself! Another perk to this is that you can host friends and family to show off your cooking skills.

ii. Play a Musical Instrument

If you like seeing people jam to songs, you should certainly try doing it yourself. Learning how to play a musical instrument isn’t always easy but once you get hooked on, there is no going back. So, take those music lessons and learn how to play an instrument. Who knows? It may turn into a true passion.

Play a Musical Instrument

3. Art

Art is a great way to express yourself. It is also said to be a great way to relax and unwind. Once you get in the zone, time flies and you leave your worries behind. So, go ahead and take a few art classes. They usually teach you to draw, paint, or sculpt. You can also learn pottery and paper mache if you think you can’t draw.

  • Give back to the Earth

    i. Plant new trees

    It is summer and we appreciate every bit of refreshing breeze. You and your friends from your neighbourhood can go on a planting spree and repopulate the greenery in your area. Although, take the permission of your elders first.

    Give back to the Earth

    ii. Clean your neighbourhood, especially the public areas.

    This activity is great to increase the awareness about cleanliness. Take the permission of your elders and help the environment by preventing land pollution. You can clean public areas like the neighbourhood parks, gardens, and parking areas. You can also hold a trash pickup rally along with your friends. With all the collected waste, you can start a recycling program and a compost pit as well. It is preferable to do this in the evenings.

  • Personal development

    1. Read

    Summer is a great way to catch up on reading. You can prepare a reading list and aim to finish off the books on the list by the end of summer. Reading, like art, is a great way to relax and spend time indoors. This also helps you in keeping touch with the latest culture and increasing your knowledge.

    2. Exercise and sports

    There is no need to emphasise the importance of sports. It is a well-known fact. By developing the habit of working out, you can learn to stay fit and take care of your body. Once school resumes, you can continue your exercise in the form of any sport you like, because at the end, it’s all about staying healthy.

    Exercise and sports

    There is so much more to summer than just hanging indoors. So get out there and do something productive and creative.