Exams are right around the corner, and with passing time, stress levels are rising steadily for you and your children. Tensions are high, almost as high as the pile of books to study. As parents, we fret and nag and hover but the ones actually stressing are our kids.

There is immense pressure on their tiny shoulders. They want to pass their exams and get good marks not only for themselves but for you. They want to make you proud and in most cases, this is one of the main causes of stress.

Exam stress

Ideally, stress-free education should be prevalent, where exams are not the only way to assess the child’s education. But this isn’t very prevalent in India, where the end of term exams are still major determinants of a child’s learning.

Stress relief is as important as studying when preparing for exams. When the mind decompresses, it retains the learnt material better. By giving the mind a break, it gets time to reset which helps in increasing concentration power and decreasing distractions.

Here are a few stress-free exam tips that you can follow to help your child:

1. Encourage your child to stay calm

When they stay calm, their mind is less distracted, and this increases their efficiency while studying.

2. A good night’s sleep

Sleep does wonders for your stress levels. When your child has slept well, he will be less nervous and agitated and more confident and attentive. A good seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary for proper functioning.

A healthy diet is important

3. A healthy diet is important

To compensate for all the calories being burnt by your child’s brain, you need to give him a balanced healthy diet. By providing all the nutrients, you can ensure that your child’s energy levels are always up. Give them three large healthy meals, fruits, and juices.

4. Avoid junk food

Children have cravings while studying. And for most kids, these days, munching while studying is a habit. But during exams, the intake of junk food should be cut down. Satisfy their cravings but with healthy alternatives.

5. Encourage an organized way of studying

By following a pre-made schedule, they are cutting down their stress levels by lots. When they know what to study and when they are eliminating self-doubt and avoiding haphazard study.

6. Do not over-parent

This means, once a timetable for revision is made and you know that your child is studying, don’t ask too many questions about what might come in the exam, or whether a particular chapter is completed or not. Let them be. By hovering over them, you are introducing self-doubt, which could be their worst enemy.

7. Encourage stress-free activities

When on a break, let them watch T.V., play video games, read a book, or listen to music for a little while if that’s what they want. Physical activities like going for a walk, playing a sport, or riding a bike are even better. By going outside, they get fresh air and sunlight which distracts them from the stress. And by doing any form of physical exercise, ‘endorphins’ are released which make your child feel happy and light.

stress-free activities

8. Give them emotional support

Be there for them. Listen to them whine. Listen to them complain about exams and studying and not being be able to remember anything. Your child comes to you with all this because they trust you to make them feel better. Tell them it’s all going to be okay and that you trust them. Some kids get emotional during their exams, so wipe their tears gently and find a way to cheer them up.

Exams, like any phase of life, will pass. But our aim should be to gain some knowledge while studying for them. Worry and stress will hinder the process of learning. We hope the above stress busters will help your child pass their exams with flying colours.