Amidst all the comfort and cosiness of the winter season is fear, especially if you have little kids. Children tend to fall prey to multiple seasonal allergies during winter and this can spoil the whole vibe of the festive season.

But, you don’t need to worry because here are 7 simple winter safety tips for kids that can help you out.

Layer them up!

Layered clothing or just an extra sweatshirt can keep kids warm and comfortable when the mercury dips. It will also make the adjustment phase more seamless. Invest in good-quality moisture-wicking clothing that is gentle on the skin so that they can wear it all day and not feel uneasy.

Hydration is a must

The low temperature makes it very easy to forget to drink water during winter. So, one of the more important winter safety tips for children is to remind them to drink plenty of water. Pack water bottles whenever you step out so that water is always available. Even at home, make it a habit as a family to sip water frequently.

Their skin needs extra care

This winter safety tip is for you as well!

Switch your family’s skincare regime to a winter-ready routine so that the cold wind does not dry it and result in rashes. A hydrating and moisturising body lotion is a must along with a child-friendly lip balm. Petroleum jelly is the safest bet, especially when children step out in the early mornings. Apply a thin layer on the nose and cheeks, and they are good to go!

Speak to your children about the importance of staying warm

We see a number of kids resisting warm clothing because they don’t understand the reason behind it and it is different from what they usually wear. Educating them about it and teaching them how to stay warm is, thus, very important. For example, remind them never to touch metal objects or foreign objects in school because they may be very cold. They must also keep their ears covered when they step outside to play.

Keep a close eye on them

The moment they are out of your sight, the chances are that they will take their sweaters off and run around in the cold weather. That is why supervising them as much as possible is one of the wisest winter safety tips we can give you. Speak to your child’s school teachers as well so that they are mindful when you are not around.

Nutrition is an absolute must

Of course, this stands true every day and all year but it is even more important when the weather is changing. Children need highly nutritious and well-balanced meals to strengthen their immunity against the common cold and flu. So, freshly prepared meals that pack all the vitamins and minerals must be served every day.

Engage them in indoor activities

Spending all day outdoors may not be a great idea during peak winter. Find indoor ways to engage them so that they use up their energy and do not feel bored. There are multiple age-appropriate games and activities that they can choose from.


Most winter safety tips revolve around staying protected from cold winds and sudden changes in the weather. The aforementioned advice will help your children in the very same way, ensuring that their routine is not disrupted and they do not succumb to seasonal flu.

At Sanskriti The School, we take special measures at our school to keep students safe and comfortable throughout winter. For more details, please visit our website.