Toddlers are extremely enthusiastic about the world around them. They spend their initial years soaking up their surroundings, learning and growing at their own pace.

After a couple of years, though, the zeal to learn might take a sharp dip. It often happens when school starts because they are introduced to an environment completely different from what they are familiar with. Countless children even dread going to school!

But the good news is that there’s a very easy way to nurture the love of learning in children, and that’s exactly what we shall focus on.

Making learning fun

Gone are the days when people thought that fun and learning were two separate entities. Today, it is all about fun-based learning. Here’s how you can incorporate the same:

Read to your child

At least for 20 minutes a day, reading aloud and engaging children can go a long way. This exercise fuels imagination. It also excites them about the story or “what comes next.” Multiple studies also show that children who are read to in infancy start reading and understanding words sooner. They also do well in their studies.

Add enthusiasm to learning

Your child will only be as enthusiastic as you are! So, add some zing to learning sessions, and they will start looking forward to them. You can also highlight the positives of school at times, such as speaking of how well they are doing, how nice their teacher is, and so on.

Make learning hands-on

Experiences are always more fun and interesting than textbooks. They are also a faster, more enjoyable way of learning. Dedicate weekends to museums, aquariums, zoo parks, the local nursery, etc. and see how much the kids love them.

The best part here is that they won’t even realize how much knowledge they are absorbing during these trips.

Don’t deliver lectures

Lectures and one-sided speeches are not efficient because they are boring and don’t give kids the opportunity to express themselves. Turn these into discussions with active participation, and the tables will turn instantly.  

When your child has a question, make it interactive by asking, “What do you think?” “What if..?” and so on.

Motivate your children – Never judge

During learning sessions, it is important to be mindful of how you approach topics. When you ask them something, and they give you the wrong answer, don’t immediately jump to tell them that. Instead, you can follow up with more questions so that they rethink and reach the right answer. This way of learning is more empowering. Children will also be more confident and expressive through this method.

Ensure that there’s play-based learning at the school

Since kids spend a good part of the day at school, you must ensure that play-based learning is at the forefront. If you are looking for a new school to enrol your child, this is definitely the primary criterion.


Learning never has to be boring or stressful! It can be fun, interesting, and enjoyable every single day. We hope the tips above help you achieve the same.

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