Your bundle of joy is also a bundle of high energy and curiosity. From this curiosity emerges creativity, one of life’s most essential building blocks. 

Creativity in young children can be identified in different ways. While some prefer pouring themselves out on paper, others choose actions as a channel of expression. Using toys in different ways, story-telling, asking multiple questions, etc., are ways in which children fuel their curiosity and bring out their creative side. In this article, we will discuss ways to nurture it further.

The importance of creative development in kids

Creative development has a direct positive impact on academic performance because creativity helps children develop problem-solving skills. It also imbibes confidence, out-of-the-box thinking, better communication skills, and social skills.

Creative children are also usually more expressive, friendly, and positive.

How to develop child creativity – Expert tips

We have listed down a few ways in which you can inspire creativity from an early age. Employing these strategies on a regular basis will tremendously help your child’s overall growth.

Let them ask questions!

In the first few years of their life, kids are exploratory. The world is still new to them, and they have numerous questions about it. Give them the opportunity to ask them. You could take the help of Siri or Alexa for this as well.

Kids who aren’t very expressive can also benefit from this exercise, provided the roles are reversed. Instead of waiting for them to ask questions, you can ask them something interesting to tickle their imagination.

Let them be bored

Boredom makes children think and find new ways to engage themselves. This directly leads to creative development in kids. Of course, they should not be left idle all day. Striking a nice balance, especially after school, is a good idea.

Let them play

Wooden toys and toys that require assembling (such as LEGOS) are excellent tools to foster creativity. Toys are fun, and assembling them will never feel like work. Depending on your child’s interests, you can pick from a plethora of DIY toys.

Let them watch

As much as we would like to, it is not really possible to keep kids away from the screen. With phones, tablets, and computers all around them, they are bound to be interested in these devices. The best thing to do, thus, is to use these innovations in your favour. Let your children watch creative videos that involve art, drawing, dancing, balloon art, etc.

Let them have a creative corner

A creative space can encourage children to try new things and give wings to their imagination. A small area is more than enough for this. Children will naturally find themselves attracted to this space because it is stimulating. It can also become their personal space for some downtime.


Creativity is all about giving kids freedom! Kids are capable of finding their own ways to keep themselves entertained. As parents, our job is to facilitate this instinct with toys, creative corners, activities, and more.

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