Summer season is here already, and the summer vacations are around the corner. The ‘break’ every student waits for the whole year is the time to have fun and also stay away from the Sun. Now staying away from Sun doesn’t mean to keep yourself locked inside our homes but keeping in mind the current flu situation, to stay home and to stay safe is important. And it is all about how to beat the heat this summer and keep one safe from the adverse effects of the scorching heat and enjoy the sunny moments! 


Now, it is good to play outdoor games, go for a picnic, visit new places etc., but during summer it is better to avoid going out much and take necessary measures to stay safe and not falling ill. Now, you may wonder how you will be able to beat the heat this summer? Here are a few tips to follow for tackling the scorching heat out there!


  • Rehydrate Your System Often


Our body is 70% water. During summers, our body utilises more water to keep our system(body). Think of your body as an air conditioner. Whenever you exert your body by exercising or running or due to hot weather, your body starts to cool itself by beginning to sweat as the internal air conditioner is turned on. The sweat acts as the coolant for the internal AC. Now it is important to refill the tank, and you can do that by drinking plenty of water.

Besides keeping the body cool, drinking excess water helps in flushing out toxins from within the body, proper digestion and keep your skin clean.



  • Wear weather-friendly clothes


During summer, avoid wearing clothes which are made of thick material, dark colours and which do not absorb sweat. During summers our bodies sweat naturally, and it will be helpful to wear clothes which absorb well. Choose clothes made of cotton or materials which are light and absorbent. Bright and light colours help in keeping the body cool by reflecting Sun’s radiation as dark colours absorb heat.


  • Install AC or a cooler


Install an AC or a cooler to keep your indoors cool. A well-ventilated home helps a cooler to cool the indoors properly. Make sure the place where a cooler is kept has an air inlet so that there is airflow and humidity doesn’ t build up. For AC, the doors and windows can be kept closed as the cooling will escape.


  • Pulse points


The pulse points are those areas where you can actually feel the pulse due to your heartbeat. These are multiple points on the body where the blood flows close to the surface of the skin. These are the cooling spots where you can place a cool towel or run water over them. It helps you decrease the core temperature of the entire body, creating a refreshed feeling overall. Hurry up! Go and try it now!



  • Avoid peak hour outing


When we say, peak hour outing doesn’t mean the peak hour of work. Peak hour refers to the time when the Sun’s heat is more which is during the afternoon. The Sun is directly above our head, and the temperature rises during this time. Avoid going out as this may result in sunstroke. Remember to carry an umbrella with you when stepping outside or wear a cap to protect yourself from the sun’s direct rays.


Summers are comfortable when above-mentioned simple tricks are applied in daily life. Drink water and stay hydrated. Never forget your best friend H2O ever! Also, eat healthy food and have fruits which will help you keep your body cool and you feel fresh. We hope the coming summer season will be a little less harsh so that people can enjoy their vacations.