Summer is all about family trips, lazy afternoons and all things fun. This is especially true for children, for summer is like ‘brownie with ice-cream’ to them. With the end of vacations, it is time for parents to start prepping for the new academic year. But don’t worry, we have listed some of the best ways to make your children ready-to-rock-it at school.

This has to start with making appropriate changes at home to prepare your child to get out of his summer-mode.

Here are some tips you can implement:

1. Making small changes to their bedroom can help in creating a space for kids where they feel relaxed, joyous and ready for their next day’s activities. Children need to feel extremely cosy in their bed to be able to sleep peacefully so that they are fully rested when at school. Make sure that their beds are the right size, the mattresses and pillows are comfortable, etc. Apart from this, parents can also decorate the walls with decals related to their favourite subject.

Another way to improve the room decor is to install a while board. This board can be used in multiple ways, like practising some maths, doodling, making a timetable, writing inspirational quotes and much more.

2. You can build a bookcase adding all your child’s favourite books to the collection and the books he or she is going to need for the coming academic year. Building a reading habit helps them stay focused in the classroom and take an interest in learning. This builds their confidence and may also help in improving their performance at school.

3. Let’s keep track of the clock! Parents must gradually change their child’s routine. Setting up a morning alarm to wake up their kids early, a week before school begins helps. The activity might take some getting used to but eventually, will become a habit.

Yet another thing is to keep a tab of lunch hours. Eating lunch as per the school time will help children maintain a routine and fit in with school hours easily. This will also help parents understand the intake required for breakfast, to not feel too hungry before lunchtime.

4. Remember to take care of your child’s health. Vacation time is all about fun. You might have allowed your kids to have junk food and snacks at odd hours, but consuming such food can make them lazy, unfit and even cause health problems in the future. Start preparing a healthy and tasty meal for your child so that they don’t feel the urge to reach into the bag of chips. Here are some really unique recipes you can try:

Multi-grain Pizza – Make the base using ingredients like wheat flour, maize flour, oats, nutrient-rich seeds and top it up with vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, etc. – A perfect blend of taste and health.
Oats Idli – If your kids don’t like oats, there are other interesting ways to serve it. Make delicious Idlis using oats, and serve it with hot sambhar.

5. Guiding kids to complete assignments from hobby class or school is crucial. This will help them get rid of the habit of procrastination while working towards finishing their projects. Try and cut down the time they spend playing video games and watching television by allowing access to the above for a fixed time only.

Engaging them in extracurricular activities like dance, music, theatre, martial arts, etc. can help them find new passions and build their overall personality.

Going back to school and adjusting to a schedule can turn out to be extremely tough for children if they are not given the right amount of time to adapt to these changes.