It has been a great journey so far! As we look back at the time when Sanskriti-The School was initially established, in relation to where it stands today, it makes us extremely proud about the achievements the school has received at this time. It makes us truly ecstatic that the driving force behind all this success is the parents, students and our dedicated faculty who trusted us and had faith in our pattern of education.

Since its inception over ten years ago, Sanskriti-The School was started with the idea and aim of imparting an education that is different works on every child’s conducive development and prepares them overall from academics to extra-curricular activities.

We wanted our students to get the best of everything, we ensured that we do not compromise on the quality of education nor the activities that shape their overall development.

The culture of Sanskriti-The School is such that the atmosphere created here feels like home.

Our educators work relentlessly on imparting an education that gives every child a holistic learning experience.

The low student-teacher ratio is the highlight of our education system. The reason why we focus and emphasize it is because it helps every teacher understand the pace of learning of each child and nurture them accordingly.

Students here are constantly motivated and feel confident about their learning. With various activities that take place on our campus, students are given an opportunity to hone their talents and skills.

A push is always necessary, you really wouldn’t know what your child is capable of unless given a chance. Academics, dedicated faculty, campus, the culture, state-of-the-art facilities, and value-based learning is what makes Sanskriti-The School an ideal centre for learning.

Seeing what all Sanskriti-The School has achieved so far, has motivated us to inaugurate our new branch that is Sanskriti Kids. We have ingrained various life skills activities in our main branch and hence have decided to sculpt every child into a complete student right from their early childhood. We strive to foster the best of learning practices in every child and help them to become the best version of themselves.


About Sanskriti Kids:

Sanskriti Kids is the branch of Sanskriti-The School, offering classes from pre-primary to the primary.

Sanskriti Kids was established with the idea of imparting an education that will sharpen your child’s talents right from their early childhood.

We believe learning that fosters creativity will guide kids to explore and excel in life thus helping them to reach their highest potential.

The plan and design of Sanskriti Kids revolve around the interests of your child.

Here are some of the few state-of-the-art facilities that are incorporated on our campus:


1. Nature’s Library

The whole idea around this library was to give children a feeling of reading their favourite books in a nature-inspired atmosphere. The classroom has a giant tree tattooed on the wall and various other symbols that signify nature.

2. Infirmary Room

Children are really sensitive, we can never figure out the littlest things that can cause uneasiness in them. Every child is different, it all depends on how strong or weak their immune system is. If your child ever falls sick, you do not have to worry, our infirmary room is equipped with all the necessary tools to help your little one feel better.

3. Child-Friendly Equipment

We have all child-friendly furniture that gives every child the ability to feel independent and secure in their space.

4. Jungle Gym

This gym isn’t the ordinary one, it has got sliders, swings and see-saws that will keep your child active throughout the day. We ensure that your child has a super-fun day!

5. Art Studio

Your child loves drawing and scribbling on walls, don’t they? That’s quite common among the younger age groups, colours and crayons fascinate them so much. Our art studio has all the basic necessities that are required in an art room. Here, we help your child to unleash their artistic skills.

6. AV Room

In this tech-savvy world, exposure to audio-visual education is imperative. Our AV laboratory creates an interactive environment for children that will prove to be more conducive to their learning. Through the AV Room, we work towards making learning more interesting and fun. This will stimulate various learning processes in children.

7. Open-Air Theatre

With OAT, we aim at making learning and extra-curricular activities more fun and interactive. We take learning outdoors to enlighten their whole learning process.

8. Gaming Zone

Our gaming zone offers fun and exciting games that will keep your child active and energetic even after the school premises. 


These are just a few of the many facilities that we offer, to know more of what else we offer, visit our website and find out yourself!

Two schools on a mission to educate children and groom them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our idea and aims only focus on pursuing excellence in academics and overall.