Monsoons are the most magical and beautiful time of the year. This season is a blessing for farmers and a revival of greenery after the harsh summers.

Kids are always hyperactive and love to go out in rain, jump in puddles of water, make mud pies in wet playgrounds and get all mucky in the rain.

However, it can also be a time for minor infections and other epidemics for kids due to the damp and moist environment that proves to be an ideal atmosphere for these infections to flourish.

Here are some of the ways as to how you can keep your child free and safe from these water-borne diseases:


1. Keep Them Hydrated 

One of the main reasons for children falling sick during this season is water-borne diseases.

It is important for kids to stay hydrated during the monsoon season. Ensure that the water they are consuming is boiled, purified and bottled this will enable them to stay healthy and fit.

If you’re travelling then ensure that your child consumes mineral water only.


2. Stay Away From Stagnant Water

Stagnant waters are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes, hence it is of utmost importance to keep kids away from puddles of water.

Infections and epidemic diseases are born from those stagnant water and children are prone to falling sick, if bitten by those mosquitoes or insects.

If you have polluted water around your house, ensure to get it cleaned immediately.


3. Wash Hands 

Not only during the monsoon season, but washing hands has always been an important habit, hence it is imperative that children are educated about washing their hands on a regular basis. 

Germs and bacteria get embedded in their fingernails and consuming food with those hands without washing can invite the bad bacteria into their system causing them to fall sick.


4. Avoid Outside Food

Since water-borne diseases are prevalent during this season, and we can never determine or figure out what kind of water is being utilized in the preparation of food, hence it is important to avoid the outside food.

If you are buying vegetables and fruits, ensure to thoroughly wash them off with warm water to get rid off stickiness and germs.


5. Keep them Warm & Dry

It is extremely important for kids to prevent themselves from getting wet as this will protect them from falling sick.

If at all they get wet in the rain, ensure that they immediately wash and change in fresh & clean clothes. This will prevent them from catching a cold.

Take utmost care of your little one during the rainy season. It is every child’s task to play with the water and drench themselves wet but it is your duty to keep them safe from any kind of ailment.


Let your child enjoy the glorious weather!