School – A second home for a child and a second chance for a parent to learn. How? Parents love it when their tiny tot is an all-rounder at school. Be it curricular or co-curricular activities, they secretly wish that their child is a winner. Nature has its own way of creating everyone and each is different and gifted with what is best for them. Each individual is unique. Similarly, each child is unique in their own way. Here are a few opinions, read on to know more!


1. Understand and Observe

The need of the hour, as parents, is to understand your child. Careful and simple steps lay down a strong foundation for a parent-child relation. As a parent, you must be patient, observe them, their attitude, their good, their bad and how to improve it. Also bear it in mind that children are beautiful, talented and gifted immensely in their own way. If this potential is recognized by you in time, with correct guidance and support your child can go places. Your focus on their and studies will only motivate them to love school even more.


2. Communication

The basic element that we miss out on is proper communication with children. Remember if you communicate things become clear. It is all about ‘sit and talk’ sessions with children. Patience is the catalyst to this whole process. Now how does this work? The more you talk to them and discuss with them, you discover their mindset, thoughts, likes, and dislikes, etc. This helps you to learn about their personality easily. This is a two-way process, you give in your inputs and you receive theirs.


3. Advice and Help

Remember patience? Yes, this is your friend throughout your journey as a parent! When you learn about your child, do not panic. Patiently decide what is good for them and advise them without commanding. Advising and being commanding has a hair’s breadth of difference and it is the ‘tone’ used. That’s what plays the protagonist here. So be easy on your child, advise them and help them make their own decisions calmly. This helps boost self-confidence and a sense of individuality in them.


4. Be Happy With Your Child’s Achievements

Being positive in life is crucial. This is the basic driving force behind a successful individual. When you are happy for your child’s achievements even if its as small as being a runner-up in a race, winning a consolation prize in creative writing, etc., you conveying this happy feeling to them will have a long-lasting effect on their minds, hearts, and souls. They look up to you for inspiration and this small change in you can further enhance their lives.


Apart from this never forget to express how much you love your child. Your words mean the world to them! Hence, such minute changes and observations by you can assist your child to be the best version of themselves.