Parents, you need not worry about your children bouncing at home all day long out of sheer boredom during holidays or glued to the television watching cartoons or playing video games.

For your kids to make the most of their time at home by spending quality time with family and their siblings, we have jotted down a few activities or games children can indulge in. These games ensure to bring your family closer and make you all bond like never before!

Marble Painting


This one’s for the pre-schoolers to 8-year-olds. A fun activity your little ones are sure to enjoy. All you have to do is get a pack of marbles, a box (the kind in which chocolates are packed), tempera paint, poster paint or activity paint in at least 6-7 shades, thick sheets of poster papers to cut to fit them at the bottom of the box. 

Ask your child to coat the marbles in different shades of paint depending on the number of colours they want in their painting. Now close the lid and shake the box, not too vigorously for a few times. Open it after you’re done and voila, your painting is ready! 

You can try this as many times as you want. Wash the marbles and try with different colours.

The Listening Game


Kids since their early age have better memory and have the talent to grasp the information when said or read. They remember people and objects clearly too. It’s embedded in their memory even when they grow older. 

You can gather a few articles or objects, ask the kids to have a close look at each one of them and then ask them to cover or close their eyes or even better you can blindfold them just so that they don’t secretly look at what the object is. When their eyes are shut, you can pick one object and touch it in a way that it is easy for them to guess what is it that you’re holding. For example, if it’s glass, then you can gently tap on it, a comb then you can run your fingers along the row of its teeth. 

Incorporate some creative ideas and make it fun! 

Movie Nights


Children love movies and they tend to remember the scenes and the dialogues which is why it is important that we ensure that the movies we play impart some information, have a moral ending to it and ones that build their character. 

Some movies that you can play and teaches your child honesty, grit & courage:


  • Frozen: A story that portrays what love between family members is all about 
  • Cinderella: A classic story that is based on kindness, compassion & courage
  • Brave: A story of a brave girl who shows bravery and self-love along the way
  • Free Willy: Escape From Pirate’s Cove: This movie teaches a good lesson about protecting wildlife
  • Up: A story of love and friendship all rolled up into one


Try these indoor activities and games and when you do, your kids will know that no matter how the weather is, they can always have fun indoor if they get a little creative and have a little patient.