Even before new year kicks in, we all tend to pen down our new year resolutions and ensure to tick them off one by one. Being consistent and persistent is what it takes to reach the goals you have set for yourself this year. 

But as a student, you will already have a lot on your plate and it can be a little difficult to know what areas are important to make goals in and also how to set smart goals. 

We have jotted down a few new year resolution ideas that can help students set effective goals and shall also aid them in achieving it.


  • Set A Goal To Read More Effective Books


The more you read the more your horizons of knowledge and language are broadened. So many of us give the least significance to reading assuming it takes ample of our time. 

Those who are willing to expand and exercise a different part of the body, the mind, just pick a book that interests you and go easy on yourself. For starters, dedicate a few pages of the book to reading each day. Underline the hard words and understand its meaning. 


  • Focus On Learning, Not Just Grades


Being a student, it can be very easy to worry about getting A’s in all your subjects but more than achieving good grades, what you learn is more important. 

The knowledge you receive from the school is what shapes you and prepares you for the outer world. A bunch of A’s on a report card won’t really matter if you fail to demonstrate the work in the real world.

Don’t obsess over grades, focus on your own personal knowledge and areas where you need to improve.


  • Learn To Balance Between Education & Life


Sometimes, school life seems really stressful. You have one assignment after the other, one test after the other and so on. It’s like there’s really no end to it until you finish your schooling.

This year, make it a resolution to truly find a balance and schedule that will help you fit everything in. 

As much as you spend time with books, spend plenty of your time with people who bring out the best in you, who fill your life with positivity and those who encourage you to chase your dreams. 



  • Pick Up A Hobby


When you think of taking up a new hobby, it doesn’t have to be starting a coin collection. Know that hobbies are activities or interests which engage you mostly for fun & entertainment. It is an escape from your everyday routine. 

Having a hobby gives you an outlet for enjoyment rather than concentrating only on studies. It allows you to spend time learning a new skill. 

Who knows? this skill might turn into your passion also!

We hope that these New Year’s Resolutions help you be ready to take on the year as a student and as an individual successfully. No need to be stressed, this is the time to take a plunge on your dreams and set goals that will pave a path to your dream life.