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Pre Primary Curriculum:

The aim of preschool education is to enable optimum development of a child's full potential and provide a sound groundwork for all-round development and lifelong learning. The Pre Primary curriculum deals with the domains of development through the following three broad goals:

Good Health and Well-being:

We focus on laying a strong foundation for optimal physical, socio-emotional and psychological health and well-being of children for life. By providing right opportunities and encouragement, developing the five senses, strengthening their gross motor and fine motor skills and refining their eye-hand coordination the physical fitness and well being of the child is ensured.

By initiating and engaging the kids in play-based activities, pair activities and group activities, their sense of identity and social skills are developed. They also begin to appreciate and respect differences. Most important of all, we believe that children need to experience a sense of autonomy and confidence in their own growing abilities and achievements and develop good health habits leading to a good physical health and development of self-esteem and a positive self-concept, which if appropriately nurtured, will stay with them for life.

Effective Communication:

Pre school children are able to communicate their needs, likes and dislikes orally in their home language. We subtly expose the children to formal communication by reinforcing simple words and phrases and connecting it to their native language. To facilitate this we provide experiences and exposure to enhance children’s communication skills so that they can orally share their thoughts and feelings or describe their experiences more effectively. Through story-telling, recitation and other activities children develop the skills of receiving, expressing and sharing information, gradually developing higher order skills—critical and creative thinking.

Environmental Awareness:

Children become Involved Learners and Connect with their Immediate Environment :

preschool education aims to help children move towards more logical thinking by facilitating them to graduate from their perception-bound to more concept-based understanding. This is done by helping children observe their surroundings through direct experience, and further, interactions with the physical, social and natural environment help them form concepts related to the world. We work on sound planning to provide learning experiences to understand the environment and help them develop understanding or knowledge for the environment, through the environment and of the environment.


Pedagogical processes are the strategies to be used by the teachers to transact the curriculum in the most effective way. Our pedagogical processes involve such strategies that enable children to construct their learning by exploration, investigation, problem-solving and critical thinking. Teachers provide ample opportunities for acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions within a particular social and material context.

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