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Literacy Skills:

Literacy skills include listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the pre primary stage we include activities about awareness of the sounds of language, and the relationship between letters and sounds. Through phonemic awareness activities we develop the ability to hear and play with the individual sounds of language, to create new words using those sounds in different ways. Pre-writing skills help child build finger strength, eye hand coordination, wrist movement and grip strength. These will in turn help children to gradually hold and use a pencil or any writing tool to draw, write, color. Teachers make use of excessive oral drilling and activity based teaching through a plethora of learning materials.

Numeracy skills:

Numeracy is the ability to recognize and apply math concepts in all areas of life. Everyday activities like counting, recognizing and writing numbers, adding or subtracting, looking at shapes and pre-math skills are introduced in pre primary. Concepts are explained through a play-way method by the teachers and are followed by comprehensive worksheets each week.

Environmental Studies:

Environmental Studies (EVS) envisages exposing children to the real situations in their surroundings; to help them connect, be aware of, appreciate and be sensitized towards the prevailing environmental issues (natural, physical, social and cultural). Through consciously crafted activities and aids, teachers provide a stimulating environment that helps children develop their own insights into the functioning of several things and understanding human processes in their environment, consequently developing their socio-emotional skills too.

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