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Pre Schools in Hyderabad
Personal and social development

At Sanskriti Kids, we understand how valuable quality education is for a child. Personal and social development are two key highlights at a stage where children are highly influenced...

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Pre Schools in Hyderabad
Sensory play

According to studies, as well as research that has been conducted by several leading psychiatrists and psychologists- children in this particular age group are at their peak of...

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Pre Schools in Hyderabad
Learning beyond classrooms

Learning beyond classrooms We believe that learning should not be restricted to the four walls of a classroom, instead we look beyond these boundaries that will help in shaping...

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Why Sanskriti Kids Is The Best Play School In Dilsukhnagar?

At Sanskriti Kids, we believe that a kid’s formative years lay the foundation for their future success. Through our academics & activities, we provide the best resources to your child for their holistic development. We understand how important is it for you to select the Best Play School In Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

By introducing CBSE curriculum for the little ones at an early age, you can be rest assured that your kids are moving in the right direction. Alongside, the environment plays a huge role in sparking the curiosity of kids. Our classrooms, activities, and workshops are designed to enhance your child’s creativity. Your search for the Best Play School in Dilsukhnagar ends with us. Let’s get started with unleashing your tiny tot’s true potential.


General FAQ'S

Which curriculum do the playschools in Hyderabad follow?

Playschools are the right place for children's educational establishment, and there are many of them in Hyderabad which have a CBSE curriculum. We are one of the playschools with a CBSE curriculum.

What is the right age for my child to start preschool?

The right age for your child to start his/her preschool is around 1.8-2.6 years.

What are the preschool timings?

Preschool's timings are short and sweet. At max, it will be around 3-4 hours. Our timings are from 9 am to 12:00 pm.

What kinds of activities do the kids participate in?

There are many activities to keep children busy and keep them learning. Art, dance, singing, reading, robotics, karate, gym, etc., are some of the activities carried out at a preschool/playschool.

What is the fee structure at the playschools in Hyderabad?

The annual-fee of a playschool may range from 40k-70k.

At Sanskriti Schools, it’s always a pleasure to address young minds. Children are our tomorrow - our future. Bright faces that I see here today receiving prizes and evincing their talents will be the citizens of tomorrow.

-Mr Vikranth Terala

Secretary & Correspondent

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