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Managing Director

Mr. Vikranth Terala


Mr. Vikranth Terala, our school Managing Director is a qualified professional in his own right and a graduate in MBA from Missouri University. His vision is to provide a platform for the kids to enhance the secular social, ethical and religious needs, contributes a driving force for the establishment of Sanskriti Schools.His vast exposure with developments in the world of education initiates the school to adapt new and unconventional methods of learning.

Executive Director

Mr. Prashanth Terala


A graduate in MBA from Eastern Michigan University is a qualified professional in his own right. His versatility promotes the continuous growth of the administration and academic aspects of the school.


Dr. Mamtha Singh

Dr. Mamtha Singh has 22 years of teaching and administrative experience in various schools across India. She believes that the formative years of schooling should be filled with fun learning and self-discovery. Through a plethora of child centric activities, designed around the kids’ learning levels, education can be an exhilarating experience in a child’s life.

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