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At Sanskriti, we believe that a school is as good as a second home for the child. We strive to ensure that we create an atmosphere that is homely - without compromising on the quality of education and also to be the ideal school for your child. We primarily focus on teaching 3V's with the knowledge to make our students all-rounder.The 3Vs stand for - Value, Virtue, and Vision. We want our students to learn ethical Values, assimilate Virtuous traits, and have a positive mind ,compelling Vision of their future.

Our Vision

We aim for being a school that not only teaches but also imparts knowledge that enables the children to be global citizens. Our curriculum is designed to ensure the child's holistic development and encourages a broad outlook on everything that they take on. We focus on building a strong and individualistic personality in students. At Sanskriti, children are made aware of their affinities, and our vision lies in honing those talents, helping them to take proactive leadership roles in the future.

Our Journey

There is always a story behind every step taken towards improvement. The future of our nation lies in the hands of our children. To impart quality education is crucial from an early stage. After observing a dire need for value education and holistic learning methodology during the time, we established Sanskriti The School in 2009 under the Terala Educational Society. The board members are renowned personalities who laid the school foundation, with the intention to provide quality education and wholesome amenities to children from their early childhood. It is a platform for kids to enhance their social, secular, and ethical reasoning skills.

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