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Virtual learning

During the tiring times, we have adapted a virtual learning technique which shifted the traditional classes to online ones. In the beginning, the transition was a little jarring and it took time for some to adapt to the new way of learning as well as teaching.

But, over time, we saw students adapt to this new method surprisingly fast. The speed of their adaptation and acceptance to new methods once again confirmed our theory that this generation will adapt to technology faster than any other generation.

Within no time, virtual learning had become the new norm. Teachers and students of Sanskriti The School are now familiar with online classes as they were with the traditional ones. We believe that anybody can learn anything at any time, if there is a will.

And at Sanskriti The School, learning never stops.

Inspiring educators, Workshops and Seminar:

Good education comes with proper guidance. At Sanskriti, we have our team of teachers who are well qualified, well trained and acquainted
to face the challenges of the changing trends of education. They are compassionate, loving, values and ethics. When such guides nurture chil-
dren, the result, in the end, will be a child with good manners and a great character. We always focus on fostering a positive, empathetic atti-
tude in our students primarily focusing on values, virtue and vision.

At Sanskriti The School, we also believe that textbooks alone don't stimulate and develop children to be holistic thinkers. Children till the age
of 15 still rely heavily on their sensory skills to retain, process and store information. They need appropriate guidance.

We provide a platform for learning and guidance through workshops and seminars on various topics like Life Skills, Values, Career Guidance,
the importance of Teamwork, Personality Development, Public Speaking etc. for the overall development of the child.
We encourage group discussions, team building, social responsibilities, group activities, healthy competitions through these workshops and
seminars for students and teachers.

craft art by sanskriti kids student
Employee Name Designation
Mrs. L.Hymavathi Kindergarten Coordinator
Mrs.P.Rohini Faculty
Mrs. M. Vimala Faculty
English Department
Mrs.Shilpa Gangavati Coordinator & English H.O.D
Mrs. Y. Lavanya Coordinator
Mrs. K. L. Sunitha Faculty
Mrs. Zahra Faculty
Mrs. K. Srikali Faculty
Hindi Department
Mrs P.Sudha Shilpa Hindi H.O.D
Mrs. D. Vikranthi Faculty
Mrs. Vineetha Mithalesh Faculty
Mrs. Renuka Faculty
Telugu Department
Mrs.G.Shobha Rani Coordinator & Telugu H.O.D
Mrs.V.Mamatha Faculty
Mrs.A.Hemalatha Faculty
Mrs. B. Nagamani Faculty
Mrs. Sumalatha Faculty
Mathematics Department
Mrs. Swapna Reddy Mathematics H.O.D
Mrs. A. Kalyani Coordinator
Mrs. J. Anitha Faculty
Mrs. P. Swapna Faculty
Mrs. Shravani Faculty
General Science Department
Mr.S.Mahesh General Science H.O.D
Mrs. Shailaja Faculty
Mrs. C. Akhila Faculty
Mrs. A. Prasanna Faculty
Mrs. Pooja Gupta Faculty
Mrs. Ravali Faculty
Social Science Department
Mrs. Uma Kishore Social Science H.O.D
Mrs.J.Geetha Rani Coordinator
Mrs. U. Supriya Faculty
Mrs. Madhavi Kanchi Coordinator
Mrs. Ravalika Faculty
Computer Science Department
Mrs.B Sreenithya Technical Head
Mrs. S.Kavitha Faculty
Mrs. T.Neeraja Incharge
Mrs. B. Anusha Art & Craft Faculty
Mrs. Suhasini Librarian
Mr.Sagar Dance Master
Mrs. Padma sri Music Teacher
Mr.Vinod P.E.T (primary )
Mr. Papaiah P.E.T ( High School)
Mr. Srikanth Skates & Karate
Mr.Rakesh Naik Admin Manager
Mrs.Swapna Nookala Counselor
Mr.T.Ramakrishna Records incharge
Miss.C.S.V. Swathi DTP
Mrs. Jamuna Cashier
B.Suresh Campus supervisor
Mr.R.Shiva Kumar Campus supervisor

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