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Holistic Education

Better learning takes place when students engage in a hands-on curriculum that ensures holistic development. We’ve segregated development into 3 categories defined and matched closely to the individual ages, abilities, aptitudes and needs of our students.

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Pre-Primary – Nurturing Stage

Children tend to grasp and learn quickly in their early years. They have their strengths, talents, personality and learning pace. At this age, all the resources, nurturing, and teachings have a profound impact on their future and to have a brighter tomorrow, parents and schools need to understand their needs first. The need to nurture their potential in the right way paves the way for Holistic Development/Growth, and it extends to their physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

Our early childhood school works on developing problem-solving, logical thinking, decision making and concentration-building capacity for a strong foundation. Independence and Self-confidence are achieved through a variety of joyful activities through the play-way method- inclusive of theater, puppetry, structured physical education, role-play, fancy dress, dancing, singing, and recitation.

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Primary and Middle School – Academic and Emotional Development Stage

At Sanskriti, we take pride in adopting the challenging yet rewarding task of fostering confidence, curiosity and creativity in a child. Our Primary students are encouraged to develop intellectual, social, and emotional skills. We guide our students to break boundaries and develop sound judgment while preparing them to achieve high academic standards. A curriculum with holistic development not only focuses on enriching children’s knowledge but also helps in improving skills, resilience, teamwork and empathy.

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Senior School – Molding Stage

Holistic development is a practical approach to wholesome learning where the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual growth of a child is of prime importance. Our Senior School is equipped with a strong foundation that gives the opportunity to grow into confident global citizens, while they pursue their dreams through academic and co-curricular achievements.

At Sanskriti The School, our curriculum focuses on the overall development of the child and also inculcates a love for learning and the drive to have a positive approach towards life. We always strive to create individuals who have a 360-degree outlook on life and have a better personal understanding of themselves concerning the world. We encourage children to honor themselves, help them learn to set genuine and attainable goals, and also guide them to take the right path. Holistic learning helps tackle both, achievements and barriers.

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