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Holistic Education

According to Ron Miller, who is a pioneer in Holistic Education

“Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and passionate love of learning.”

Holistic education helps with the development of a child's intellectual, creative, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and artistic potentials. At Sanskriti The School, our curriculum focuses on the overall development of the child and also inculcates a love for learning and the drive to have a positive approach towards life. We always strive to create individuals who have a 360-degree outlook on life and have a better personal understanding of themselves concerning the world. We encourage children to honor themselves, help them learn to set genuine and attainable goals, and also guide them to take the right path. Holistic learning helps tackle both, achievements and barriers.

Activity-Based Learning

Better learning takes place when students engage in a hands-on curriculum. Activity-based learning is learning by doing. It helps children complete tasks and utilize their creative energy.

At Sanskriti The School, we believe that education is not restricted to textbooks and rote learning. It is a combination of knowledge imparted within the classroom in collaboration with a host of activities for experiential learning beyond the classroom which help in better understanding of concepts, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and imbibes the drive for teamwork. An activity-based curriculum holds students accountable for their lessons and learning in a significant way. The students help in planning, organizing, and executing the lesson plan from start to finish. Practical application of lessons rather than engaging in only listening helps students retain information for longer. The curriculum provides freedom and inculcates an enthusiasm in the students to learn. It aids the learners to tap into their physical, mental and emotional knowledge quotients.

Edu comp Smart Class

Smart classes that make your child smarter.

Our education system has witnessed a drastic change over the last decade. We, at Sanskriti, took digitization by the horns- and changed the conventional method of teaching by making it a lot more unconventional, fun filled and interesting.

We adopted the Edu comp Smart class to make the process of learning enjoyable and enriching for students. In this process of technology-oriented learning, we realized that our students were doing very well and there was a general increase in productivity, even in our teachers. Our aim at the end of the day is to ensure that our children develop to expand their horizons and become better thinkers.

Expert Teachers

Good education comes with good guidance. We have our team of teachers who are well qualified and well trained to face the challenges of the changing trends of education. They are compassionate, loving and full of values and ethics.

Workshops and Seminars

At Sanskriti The School we believe that textbooks alone don't stimulate and develop children to be holistic thinkers. Children till the age of 15 still rely heavily on their sensory skills to retain, process and store information. They need to be guided.

This is where we step in with our 3 Vs- Value, Virtue, and Vision. We provide a platform for learning and guidance through workshops and seminars on various topics like Life Skills, Values, Career Guidance, importance of Team work, Personality Development, Public Speaking etc. for the overall development of the child.

We encourage group discussions, team building, social responsibilities, group activities, healthy competitions through these workshops and seminars conducted at Sanskriti The School both for students and teachers.

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